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More and more studies are showing the benefits of CBD oil for relieving pain, even the severe pain caused by diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. There has been promise shown with the treatment of anxiety and depression, with CBD having a substantial impact on serotonin levels without the debilitating side effects of pharmaceutical medications, such as agitation and sexual dysfunction. The remarkable anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil are being used successfully for acne, rosacea and other dermatological problems.

Your Mesa CBD Premier Shop

Our Mesa CBD oil product store is comfortable, clean and relaxing environment where you can sample many of our products. We have CBD oils, creams, topical oils, cosmetics, bath products, teas, vape, cooking oils and more to you to explore. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can guide you through our offerings, helping you choose products that best meet your needs.

Natural CBD Treatment

When you’re looking for CBD oil products, it’s important to consider the source of the oil, just as you would with essential oils and other holistic products. That’s why we source the hemp plants from American growers that have a reputation for producing the highest potency oils. But having the best oils isn’t good enough for us, we painstakingly blend and bottle our products to ensure that you are getting the most effective and soothing results. 

How We Got Started

We are proud to offer our customers the largest selection of high quality American grown CBD products in Maricopa County. Many of our products produced and bottled right in our own in house facility, ensuring that everything we sell is therapeutic grade and has the highest possible potency. The benefits of CBD oil are becoming widely recognized, and we’ll help you find the perfect products to smooth your skin, ease your pain and soothe your mind.

The beauty of CBD oil is that it’s been known to produce many of the same benefits as marijuana, but without the psychoactive effects. To ensure the perfect dosage for every formulation, CBD oil is extracted from a cannabis plants and combined with a carrier oil. We use only the highest quality plant-based American oils, ensuring that all our products have both the right potency and a luxurious feel.

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Customer Testimonials

"You can really appreciate the variety on hand and the service is always great."

Tyera Harris, Mesa AZ

"Been looking for a place that not only has exceptional custom service but great quality! So glad I was referred to this shop! My search is over, found the best place in town"

Steph Levin, Mesa AZ

"YAY! I found a shop that I feel like my needs are truly met! Oils truly help my anxiety, pain, and daily routines! I know employees have my best interest and recommend products that help!"

Levi Lynn, Mesa AZ