Hemp and CBD Oil - How Do They Differ?The medicinal qualities of the marijuana plant are becoming more widely known with doctors are prescribing marijuana for certain types of patients, and states are beginning to legalize its use. There is also widespread agreement about the health benefits of elements of the cannabis that have no psychoactive properties, such as products containing hemp and CBD oils. So people are wondering how hemp and CBD differ, and why both these oils are becoming so popular?

Hemp and CBD Oils Are Produced From Different Parts of the Plant
Hemp oil is produced from cannabis seeds, and CBD oil uses the stalks, flowers and leaves. That’s why hemp oil contains only a trace of CBD, and CBD oil can have as much as 40%. Neither one of these oils has any psychoactive properties whatsoever.

Why People Use Hemp Oil?
Hemp oil has been used widely in topical products such as skin creams and body butters due to its unique ability to provide deep hydration without clogging pores. People have seen other benefits from topical use, such as boosting hair growth, strengthening nails and improving skin elasticity. Hemp oil is also sold as an ingredient in supplements because it’s rich in vitamins that are known to have an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as being rich in heart healthy omega-6/omega3 and containing minerals and antioxidants that boost immunity.

Why is CBD Oil Becoming More Popular?
The word is spreading about the analgesic benefits of CBD oil when taken orally. People are describing the pain relieving abilities as “amazing,” especially for muscle aches, joint pain, headaches and even migraines. Some studies have shown strong anti-inflammatory benefits with the stubborn symptoms of psoriasis. Used topically, there have been reports of relieving muscle tension and soothing the redness associated with rosacea, insect bites and sunburn.