Discover our quality CBD oils, made from the finest hemp plant offering all of nature’s powerful goodness.

Master OIl

Our in-house CBD is made from homegrown, hand pressed, raw, organic CBD oil. It is a full spectrum oil in the purest form with no added flavoring. Known as the Master Oil for its potent 2,700 mg/oz consistency, it is one of Arizona CBD Co.’s best sellers.

Master Oil PM

It is formulated with 1800 mg Master oil along with ancient wormwood, aged with chamomile, lavender and valerian to encourage deeper, faster sleep.

Invigorant Oil

Awaken your senses with our Invigorant oil range, best for setting the mood while supporting the mind and body. It is a low-dosage maintenance oil at 500 mg perfect for balancing your endocannabinoids.

Pet Therapy

Our specialized pet therapy oil is safely formulated for dogs or cats. Available in 900 mg and 450 mg bottle, it is easily administered according to your pet’s weight. Add oil on food or ideally directly in their mouth to maximize healthy results.

Cooling Relief Oil

Pure menthol in fractionated coconut oil. Smartly packaged with a roller-ball applicator. Easy to carry in a purse or in your pocket.

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